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Reball & reflow bga reworking

BGA package

A common failure on many game consoles, laptop systems and other devices is when one or more of the processors or other bga components becomes electrically disconnected from the circuit board. These components are connected by many small spheres of solder and it is common for these solder connections to fail. Because these connections go through many heating and cooling cycles over time, the lead free solder used can brake over time, loosing it's electrical connection. This type of failure will result in no start/boot, garbled video among other symptoms.

Scotle IR360 pro bga rework station

These kind of failures use to mean the end of life of your game console, laptop or other device, but no longer. Using an advanced bga reworking station with the ability to "reball" 250 different bga packages, I can remove, clean then re-solder the problem component back onto the circuit board, this time using leaded solder spheres, to assure a long lasting repair and at an affordable price.

−= More information and pricing details to come =−