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Computer system repair & service

Affordable repair and service of all computer systems with drop-off locations in Spokane and Davenport, onsite service also available. Software & hardware repair and component level electronics diagnosis and repair. All OS's and systems, Windows, Linux, Mac and Cisco.

For minor system and network issues such as viruses, network maintenance and operating system & software failures, I can come to your home or business and can normally have your system and network back up and running within an hour for $35.

−= On Site Repairs - $45 first hour - $20 additional half hour =−

  • Virus Removal
  • Operating System Configuration
  • Software Configuration
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Network Configuration
  • Windows, Linux, Mac and Cisco OS
  • Prearranged Hardware Replacement

−= In Shop Repairs =−

If your computer is in need of a bit more attention, one of my personalized system tune-ups will get your system back up and running secure and at optimal performance. For this type of repair, I would prefer to have your system for 1 to 2 days, depending on my current work load, but I guarantee that it's well worth the wait.

Windows System Tune-up - $50
  • Uninstall all unneeded programs, toolbars & other unwanted software
  • Two independent virus and malware scans & removal
  • Verify & Configure Windows firewall for security
  • Remove all unneeded registry entries
  • Clean hard drive of all unnecessary files
  • Scan hard disk for errors and defragment
  • Remove all nonessential registry entries
  • Perform all operating system and device driver updates
  • Perform updates for all software on your system
  • Install any customer requested software
  • Custom configuration of system startup services
  • Final hard disk cleanup & disk defragmentation
  • Thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of your system
  • Bottom line, your system is optimized for optimum performance
  • Linux Workstation install and basic configuration: $60
  • Linux Server (Centos) installation & advanced configuration: starting at $200
  • Laptop port replacement (power,audio,etc): starting at $60
  • Laptop GPU Replace (graphics processor failure no / distorted video): starting at $100

While you may always reach me at (509) 215-0291, using this form will allow me to check the availability and pricing of any parts that may be needed to provide you with an accurate estimate, as well as offer you the best pricing possible.