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Custom Firewall Systems

My custom built and configured firewall systems will add security and performance to any home or small business network. These small, microATX systems have either the IPCop or Smoothwall open source Linux firewall distributions installed and will come fully configured for your network and requirements.

Along with being an advanced firewall, these systems are easily configurable, manageable and also have additional capabilities available that will make your network more secure, faster and safer. In addition, my firewalls may even save you some money while making your computer run faster by providing the security, anti-spam and other services that your computer(s) currently run. With the firewall now taking care of these issues for all users of the network, some of these programs will be no longer needed and can be uninstalled from your computer systems, freeing up computer resources and increasing performance.

Content Filtering: The content filter add-ons available for both IPCop and Smoothwall will block all access to malicious and dangerous websites which helps keeps all of your systems safe but can also be customized to block websites with drugs, profanities, hate, pornography and etc for all network users or just specific users such as children and young adults.

Spam & Virus Filters: With the open source Spamassassin and Clam anti virus configurations, all emails that enter your network will be scanned and tested for viruses and spam. This can be configured to just "tag" the email's subject line to alert you that the email is spam, drop the email completely or several options in between. Either way, my firewalls can stop viruses and spam emails before they reach any computers on your network.

Web Proxy: A web proxy basically saves a copy of the web pages, images, photos and downloads of the websites that all network users visit. By doing so, all future requests for content is served from the local copy on the firewall, making for a faster internet experience while reserving internet bandwidth for other users and uses.

Example: Susie visits every day to get the day's current gossip at which time all of the content that she has viewed is also stored by the web proxy. Later in the day her sister Nancy also wants to visit toofab but her brother Johnny is downloading music and mom is watching Netflix. Re-downloading all of the content and photos again from is going to slow down Johnny's download and probably going to pause mom's favorite t.v. show for a moment. But with a proxy server, is going to load immediately for Nancy and Johnny's music download and mom's favorite t.v. show will continue on uninterrupted.

Update Accelerator: This works the same as a proxy server but it saves all downloaded operating system and software updates on the firewall system so that the next network user that requires these files can get them from the local copy stored on the firewall instead of tying up the internet bandwidth with another download.

For example: Microsoft just released the newest Windows updates and they total 200 megabytes in size. If you have 5 computers on your network and they all require this 200 megabyte update, your going to develop a network bottleneck for probably close to an hour as your 5 network users download almost 1 gigabyte total from the internet. With the update accelerator, as these updates are downloaded for the first time, they are also stored on the firewall system and any further requests for these files are delivered from the local copy, leaving the internet bandwidth free for the other users.

−= More information and pricing details to come =−

While you may always reach me at (509) 215-0291, please use this form to give me some initial information about your network and what capabilities you would like to have. This will allow me to research components, provide you with an accurate estimate and provide you with the best pricing possible.