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Kevin replaced the cracked glass on iPad 3. He was quick, efficient and reasonably priced. Fantastic job Kevin and thank you!
Ranjini M.

After my tablet died and wouldn't turn on, contacted Samsung and they charge $125, decided to google for local repair and on Craigslist I found this guy. So I contacted him and he came to pick the tablet up and found an issue and ordered a battery for it now it's alive again, what a lifesaver he has been and cost saving. Will contact him in the future for any repairs. Thanks, keep up the good work, very pleased with him.
Kelly D.

I had Kevin fix my girl friends laptop, and he also fixed my I-phone which had a shattered back plate. The prices were more than fair and he got them done rather quickly. Thank you Kevin for the great service!
Patrick Stone

Kevin is great! He is very professional and kind!

I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a broken LCD (a very pricey item!) and instead of making me pay for the replacement up front, he ordered it, then had me pay for the replacement screen and labor when I picked it up! He tested everything on the phone before he gave it back and guaranteed that he would fix it if something were to go wrong again. Not to mention he offered the lowest prices in town for this service!!
Amanda G
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Kevin is very nice and honest person. I got my s4 fixed by him 2 weeks ago. The phone looks brand new and works nicely. I would totally recommend him for electronic devices repair.
Kalvin L
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Very pleased with Kevin at Internet Toolbox. Does great work and stands by it. Will use again if the needs arise.
John F
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My wife and I casually browse the internet looking at/for properties, and also just for general curiosity. I came across yours almost by accident, through an ad in the Exchange.

Most real estate sites, including the large national companies, are not easy to navigate, causing some amount of frustration for people who are seriously looking for properties. Among all these more glitzy sites, yours is a clear stand-out, exceptionally easy to use, and most important of all, in this age of prideful (and esoteric) geeks, your site is intuitive! Everything is right there in front of the user; very clear as to ease of use, change of direction, etc. It does not demand membership, passwords, or my phone number for its use... It just says to me "Go ahead; its all there for you to see and use".

I'm so impressed I think you ought to market the site itself. Sell it to other companies. Believe me, they could really use it; they need it! Just thought I'd start your day out with a compliment.

Bill T Brewster WA

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Kevin did a great job replacing my Iphone 4s screen. Great price and friendly service. I will recommend Kevin to anyone I know who needs help with their phone or tablet or computer. So nice to find a business that really cares about customer satisfaction. I will use him again if I ever need help. Thanks Kevin!!!
Mike Z

Fixed my broken phone screen in no time and I swear it's better than it was brand new. Highly recommended!
Brandi K

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