iPad 3 Digitizer Replacement & Frame Repair

Device: iPad3
Symptoms: iPad3 cracked outer glass digitizer assembly, frame dents & dings
Repair: Replace digitizer and remove frame dents & dings

−= Frame Repair and Prep =−

This little iPad 3 took quite a beating, but a little attention, it will be good as new again.

photo 1

Dropped on it's corner, crushing the bottom right corner

photo 2

photo 3

Big dent just above the lightning connector. If not fixed, the space between the outer glass and frame (about 1.5mm) would eventually lead to another broken screen down the road.

photo 4

Apart and cleaned

photo 5

The damage to the corner was so great, that some material had to be removed and then filed down.

photo 6

I was able to remove the dent above the lightning port. This was a tricky one as too much manipulation of the aluminum frame will cause it to crack and break.

photo 7

Even the slightest dent around the outside edge of the frame will cause the outer glass to break.

photo 8

See how clean the frame is? Is your technician prepping the frame or just adding more adhesive? These devices are precision fit and additional adhesive allows for movement the outer screen that it is not designed to have. Re-use of the original adhesive or adding to it will create an inferior bond and cause problems down the road.

photo 9

photo 10