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–= Phone & Tablet Repair =−

Don't throw your smart phone, pad or tablet away just because of a broken screen or other damage. I can repair most handheld devices for as little as $35 plus parts. I also offer Android rooting, unbricking and customizations.
Phone & tablet repair pricing & details here.

–= Game Console Repair =−

Get you game console fixed the right way with repairs that last. I offer complete game console diagnosis, repair and modifications, including CPU and GPU reball & reflow and DVD / Blue Ray laser lens replacement.
Game console repair details & pricing

−= Computer Repair =−

Component level diagnosis and repair of computer hardware and software failures in all computer systems, both desktops and laptops, PC and MAC, using most any operating system including Unix and Linux. From virus removal and operating system failures to repairing broken jacks and hardware on your system, I can get your computer system back to
Computer repair pricing & details here.

–= BGA Reworking =−

Failures in computer and graphic processors used in laptops, game consoles and other devices use to mean that your device was unrepairable. Many of these failures are actually just a matter of the processor becoming detached from the circuit board, mainly due to the use of unleaded solder which tends to break and loose connection over time. Using a BGA rework station with infrared and hot air capabilities, I can replace or re-solder (reball) 255 different ball grid array processors and other packages.
Take a look in the bga reworking drawer for details & pricing

–= Lincoln County Service Area =−

For customers in the Davenport and Lincoln County area a Davenport drop off & return location is available with pick up and delivery to this location Monday through Friday.